This website is intended as an archive of working Landrovers and related electricity board vehicles. All work and research done by D. Warden.

In 2005 I bought an ex-Southern Elelctric Land Rover and found that there was very little information available about how these vehicles were used and specified by the Electricity companies. Therefore this website is intended to showcase what I have been able to find. I welcome any contributions anyone may have to the page, be it written information or photographs.

If you have any information or photographs regarding any electricity board or public utility Landrovers or other vehicle please use our contact page.


I am also looking to purchase any tools, eqipment or other empherma which could be found in a Linesmans Land Rover in the 1970s - if you have anything you think may be of interest please get in touch. Anything from ladders, insutlated gloves, PPE, workwear etc considered.